The Art of Science
July 28 - Sept. 23, 2012

Artists Reception: July 28, 5:00-7:00pm

The mind often shies away from what it cannot rationalize but the Art of Science forces viewers to take another look at the wonderful and puzzling world of science and medicine, this time with a more appreciative eye for the beauty often hidden within.

Michelle Frick

"Lupron" and "Arterial Nests" from Michelle Frick feature birds as a unifying theme, with the art created from medical supplies, cotton, stainless steel/chrome medical instrument trays, silicone and ceramic. The birds featured in "Lupron" drink from an unidentified liquid that turns their bodies red. Lupron is a synthetic hormone that is used to induce menopause and control menstrual cycles.

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Lorrie Fredette

Lorrie Fredette's "Proper Limits" series begins with medical and environmental stories and subverts that information to explore how notions of fact and fiction are conflated. Lyme disease is the central theme represented here - because undiagnosed and untreated Lyme manifests symptoms that the medical profession often related to other diseases such as MS, Fredette added these other diseases to her "data collection" and "replication process."

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Kait Rhoads

Kait Rhoads' "Sea Stones" are built upon the artist's fascination with corals, ridged and pliable, which exist in endless variation, yet their common basic building blocks are hexagonal tubes made of calcium carbonate; the work depicts extreme repetition of body movement via small individual parts linked together, much like atoms or matter at play.

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